I’m really glad I went home this weekend, it really put things back in to perspective for me. I really need to stop freaking out like that. No matter how alone I feel, I always have friends and family who care about me, and a God who never leaves me. True life was AMAZING on sunday. I havent felt God so strongly there since the beginning of July. it was increadible. people were walking out without voices, from worshiping so hard. I love it when He shows up like that.

Anyways, what else? I came back from my weekend home to hear some drunk messages from michelle angry at me for not coming out with her to celebrate the fact that she can drink again (because she was pregnant during her 21st bday). What pissed me off the most was scott called me to “make me feel plenty guilty for abandoning my best friend”. I was angry. But I called michelle and calmly explained to her why I chose not to go, and to not expect me to appear at bars and stuff because thats something I struggle with, and am trying (and doing pretty well) to overcome.   It sounded like she understood so thats good.

Anyway, school is going well. I actually feel like attendance wont be a problem!! theres a different kind of motivation in me that I cant explain. My classes are difficult though. A lot of writing. eeeek. well, at least im GOOD at writing, ya know? Its not something I absolutely hate to do… I just really have to put my mind to managing my time effectively. Thats always been pretty difficult for me, but I hope to get  better! 🙂

Thats all for now!!


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