Other than that, its move in day.

My car is fresh and ready to go. 🙂

Its also a rainyday. A rainy move in day. Its all good. Anyway, Im at least glad we worked the whole roommate situation out. one of my “potential roommates” actually emailed me and asked me if I liked cheese. hm. I mean, I DO like cheese… but thats just not something you open a conversation with! Anyway, my goals for the semester have not changed from any other year. except for to lose more weight. I usually want to lose about 6lbs… but NOW I want to lose at least… 11 or so. whatever. I dont care as long as I look better, and am healthy. Also obviousely my other goal is to do well in school. I really need to stay focused.

Well here is a picture of my roommate and I… to kick the year off. 



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