long time no type…eh?

well.. i havent been on the internet all week so that explains that.

whats new whats new?? yeah i dont really know! because i dont know what you know, and what you dont know and i could go back and read what i have written, but thats boring. soooo.

yeah i should really start packing. no i havent started yet. i want to start moving stuff in tomorrow… but i dunno. i havent packed ANYTHING. like… NOTHING. and i have no money for school supplies. I dont know how, but God will provide. He told me He will… so He will. Im not really worried.

What else? other than school starting? I gained 10 lbs this summer. Absolutely increadible. But I dont really care, because Im looking foward to exercising when I get back to school anyways. Yep. I love Mr. tredmill! ūüôā We have been apart for¬†entirely too long! I cannot believe I gained 10 lbs…. i bet 8.5 of it can be attributed to coldstone. Thank you, birthday cake remix. You look wonderful on me.

Tonight was a prayer night at the church. I love prayer nights the most because its the most intimite. I have been looking foward to it all day. Its the last one before school starts, and I just took that time out to thank Him for all that he has blessed me with this summer.  I just hope I can stay this connected and everything throughout the schoolyear. Last year was such a bad year. I was totally broken, which was good because He really showed me that I cant and shouldnt rely on any single person for my happiness. Its such a hard habit to break, because thats something ive been used to doing. Cling to a few people, a few good friendships. Not necessarily to help me get through my problems via advice or anything, but to distract me from them. To help me be greatful for what I have. But as people change, situations change, and friendships inevitably change, I have to face my issues, on my own. I dont have that distraction right there all the time. I have to start dealing with stuff.

Im nervous about this school year. A lot of things are different. Im thinking its all for the better… I just…¬†dont want to lose this fire I have right now.¬†

I dont know, I just need to keep focusing my eyes up high and Ill be happy. Its so awesome because I have met a bunch of people who love to read, and praise and seek His face just as much, if not more, than I do. Its amazing. I dont feel like a big weirdo. I actually feel normal. People ask me why I go to church all the time (I go about 5-7 times a week), well its because thats where I feel the most comfortable. Its where I can be myself. Its where I can talk to, sing to, praise my Father.  Its the closest to home that I will get, in this world.


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