swing dancin baby!

so tonight, we went swing dancin. it was a free lesson, so a bunch of truelifers went! it was awesome. i learned a lot. kind of. ok not really. but definitely the highlight was dancing with tommy jordan, from PST. yeah. thats right, i danced with a celebrity (pushing it? maybe) i dont listen to the radio anymore, but in like… 7th and 8th grade I was all about the tommy. he always gave away backstreet boys tickets so i loved him. jocelyn, christine and i thought this was a minor big deal… so Mario made sure to embarrass us about it before we left.  now tommy jordan thinks we are nerds. (getting flustered at the idea of looking dumb in front of a local radio dj qualifies as dorky, i suppose).

anyway, it was fun. so goodnight!

OH! and also, Danielle is OFFICIALLY my roommate again!!! after spending the morning fighting with the housing people, we are back in B114! it just wouldnt be the same, without the hairdye all over the floor and our impossible-to-open window. its our last year together, and thats sad. 😦

also, i saw michelle and halli today and they are doing wonderfully!! 🙂


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