Last Night

was prayer night. it was really amazing for me. i got a lot of stuff out in the open with God. a lot of stuff I had been keeping from him. a lot of resentment. and for the longest time, i didnt know what the resentment was for because he has blessed me with a wonderful family, wonderful friends, a good living situation, everything. but it ran deeper than that. im not going to share, because… well i dont want to. but he finally showed me what i was angry about. and he took it from me. he lifted everything that was weighing me down, right off of me. its an increadible feeling.

christine and i prayed over eachother for the first time ever. its so weird, shes like… my only christian friend and we had never prayed over, or layed hands on eachother before! shes goin back to school soon. i hope she can stay strong.

anyway. august 22nd. that date is ringing and ringing in my head. i dont know why. is there something im supposed to remember? i dont think its anyones birthday. hm. i guess we will see.

in other news, patrick and i are going to coldstone tonight. because im craving birthday cake remix. man. i cant wait to go back to school, so i can start running again. im becoming a fatty. :/


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