weird dream o rama

i had the WEIRDEST series of dreams last night. i slept til about 2 o clock today, just to see if there were any more weird ones coming.

waterfall fixing. there was this waterfall, that was like 60 degrees off of what it should have been and we had to jump in to it from really high up, so that we could get to the bottom of the river or whatever and fix it. there was more to this dream that i cant remember. we didnt end up fixing it.

peewee herman was a serial killer. he met me in the parking lot of where i live, he came out from behind that big bush in the middle of the little island thing we put our trash cans on. he wanted to do bad things to me, and then cut off my hair and cut out my tongue. i convinced him that i was attracted to him, so he didnt force me to do anything. but he still wanted my hair and my tongue. then i ran away.

troy at the mall. i was just hangin out at oxford valley mall, when all of a sudden i see all of these campers from cayuga swarm the mall. in my head i think “awesome!!” because i havent seen these kids in forever and i love them. and then i think “crap” once i look over and see troy. he looked terrible. i felt bad because he looked bad. lol. but he never came over and talked to me. instead, he talked about me on his myspace blog later that night. (he doesnt use his myspace blog in real life). and posted all of these pictures of me. i dunno. it was really weird. 

blinding white light. i think this one came after the waterfall one, because we couldnt successfully correct the angle of the waterfall.  we all went out to this field (the only person i recognized was nire…) and we went to this cave. then all of a sudden, a really really bright light came across the entire sky (kind of like the last episode of LOST, but there was no noise). I knew it was the rapture, but I ran away. I didnt want to be taken, for some reason. and I ran. and kept running. until i woke up.

so that was my night!


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