Im So Blessed

I have met the most amazing people in True Life. Im so thankful God has brought them to my life.

True life should be amazing sunday. I have a feeling.

I wrote half of another song yesterday… i really like it. i wish i knew more theory though, because then i could figure out what goes with what key much faster. its alright though. i was in the park yesterday, and this asian family came up to me as they were leaving and the guy was like… “we could hear you playing and singing over there” and i was embarrassed ” and hes like… we are christians too and it was really good to hear music that we like” and i was like… oooh really? thanks! and he was like “keep playin though, i can tell youre still begining, and it will probably take you a solid year to learn all the chords and stuff” and i was like… “well i have only been seriously playing for about a month or so” and he was like… “oh wow, youre pretty good then!” and i was like… “thanks” and that was it. 

anyway, true life is going to be great on sunday. im so excited.


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