whoa ho ho!!!

its been a while, hasnt it my sugar babies??

why yes, it has. everything is going wonderfully. God answers in many wonderful ways. I was lead to an absolutely awesome ministry called True Life. It was exactly what I was looking for. The people are absolutely the sweetest of all, and its just this cozy feeling when you walk through the door.

So tonight was weird. Don came over. It was … I dont know. emotional. I didnt cry in front of him though. I think i did a really good job of hiding it. Its not that I still am in love with him, or I still want to be with him because believe me, I dont. Its just… I dont know. Its sad that I put all my eggs in his basket. Im disappointed in myself, and in a way I still havent forgiven myself. And I havent forgiven him either. Completely.

Ahh well, that doesnt mean I dont want the best for him because I do. I hope he is happy doing what he does. I hope he finds faith. I hope he finds everything he is looking for.


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