How does this work?

how is it, that two months ago, I decided to not date. and now i find myself accidently dating people.

its just … boys are too smooth these days!! “what are you doin wednesday?” “nothin” “why dont you let me take you out” “oksuresoundsgood”

ahhhhhh. ok so i guess my inability to say no to perfectly nice boys will be the end of me. its not that i WANT to say no… but this wasnt my plan! my plan is to get straight with God. And seek his guidence in everything. 

This is what Im doing, and now hes brought me 5 million people interested in dating all of a sudden. he KNOWS i like boys. he KNOWS i dont like to reject people. he KNOWS it. so why is he doin this?? maybe he wants me to date. lol.

So, what do I do??

(on a later occasion i will elaborate on these boys.)


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