My Boy Ramblings.

So. I want a boy. Not to, "be with" I want a boy to be friends with. I know that sounds weird, and I dont really understand it either. Im so used to having a boyfriend. I havent been single since 9th grade. But I want to be single right now, because I know that God has given me this time to get myself together, and to focus on Him. I honestly dont think that God will bring a boy in my life right now, because he knows it would only distract me. BUT of course, I will ramble on anyway. I want a boy who loves the Lord. Someone whose on fire. Whose relationship with God comes first. alskdfjalksdjfalksdjflaksjdf. Ive never dated a Christian. I want to!!

So at this college ministry at CLC, ive met some people who are sweet, ya know?? and i have this love for them that I dont really understand. Its not like, a physical attraction, its like a brotherly love. Its so weird and hard to explain. Like, I dont want to date them, but I love to be around them because they make me want to be better. Its hard to explain. Its like, how I feel about Nire, or D but put it into a boy, and make it purely spiritual. hahahha. thats the best I can do.

I want to meet him. alskdfjalskdfjlaksdfjlksdfjieruoiweuroiaseoiuasvdoiuasdhvoias.


One Response to “My Boy Ramblings.”

  1. This is going to sound totally weird -I KNOW- but i was looking for the artist who sings “I will rejoice, I will rejoice and be glad” because i love that song and i was sitting here barely awake..trying to get past the groggyness and God stirred it within my soul, the song and i havent heard that song for almost 4 years. Anyways I came across ur site and started to read. And I have to say that I totally get what you mean in this post. I want more Christian guy friends because I dont feel ready to be ina relationship with anyone since i have so much I have to work on and accomplish with God. Reading bits of your journal made me feel as if I was reading my own. I thought that was pretty cool. Its an awesome feeling to know your not alone in the transition from teenager to adulthood. Anyways hope everything is still going good for u.
    sisters in Him,


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