everyone is going to go see the davinci code. i know i know, its only fiction. its no big deal, its just a book that no one really takes to heart.

im not one of those people standing in front of the movie theatre with a picket sign or handing out "the truth about Jesus" panphlets, but it does unsettle me. it unsettles me and frustrates me and i will tell you why.

because i love Jesus. I believe what is written in the Bible, about Jesus. There is no doubt in my mind that what is written in the Bible, is truth. for someone to suggest, or fictitiously imagine (redundant, i know) and tell a story that suggests that Jesus was married, behaved sinfully, and that the notion that Jesus was God was invented centuries and centuries after he walked the Earth, bothers me.  and it should. Because I love him, and I believe and try to live by what is written in the Bible. I cant help but take it personally. Its like, someone talking badly about your best friend. saying something horrible about that person, something that would go against everything that they ever believed in and stood for. and then you tell the people who heard the rumor that it wasnt true. the people who heard the rumor said that they didnt really believe it anyway, but it was such a good story that they told 20 more people. wouldnt you still be frustrated that the story was being told at all???  i know this is a lacking example, but i dont know how else to put it into words.

its just hard to have these feelings, especially because everyone is like, "its just fiction, why are you getting all worked up, its no big deal."

I just dont really understand why, if its no big deal, if its not a personal attack, why dont people make up stories and stuff about Mohammed, or Confusious, or Budda, or any other religious leader? everyones workin so hard to disprove christianity, to discredit my Lord and Saviour. Someone who has provided for me and my family in impossible financial situations, someone who Ive SEEN work miracles, whose voice ive heard speaking to my heart. The person i love with all of my heart and soul.

It saddens me, and Im not wrong for feeling that way.

ok thats my rant for the day! lol. i really just needed to get that out, because everywhere i look i see the davinci code controversey. its annoying.

anyways, me and christine went in to North Philadelphia yesterday and gave out food with our church. It was such a blessing. I really feel like some of those people will come to God because of it. That makes me so happy!!

This week is my birthday! i was kind of resenting it, because its my 21st birthday, and a lot of pressures can come of that, but i have nothing to worry about. saturday ill be going to nires and im so excited. i had been worrying about the drinking and everything, and i really just dont have to worry about it. like, its not the pressure that people are putting on me, but pressure that im putting on myself. im not saying that im not going to drink at all, because drinking in in itself is not a sin. but being drunk is, and so im not going to get drunk. it is really importand to me that i stick with this too, because i will be devestated if i get drunk tha tnight. i really dont think i will though. so im not worried. it will be an awesome time with my best friend. πŸ™‚


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  1. Hey,

    I’m not sure who told you that synopsis of the Da Vinci Code, but that’s not quite right…the story is that Jesus was married to Mary Mag. and they had a baby, and the line continues on, but that there are those within the Catholic Church who believe that if the information gets out it will be detrimental to the Church, so they resort to murdering his remaining descendants. There is a group (I forget what they’re called) in charge of protecting his descendants and that secret, because they are protecting the descendants of Jesus and, therefore, of God. There’s nothing in there about Jesus being dubbed the son of God millenia after he walked the Earth. So far as I can tell, the book doesn’t really say anything bad about Jesus (except that he was married and had a kid, if that can be considered bad) but actually has a LOT to say about the Catholic Church – and it’s not good.

    Of course I did read the book ages ago, so I might be off on some of this, but I don’t remember it being disrespectful of Jesus so much as it was a huge commentary on the Catholic Church.

    I think what gets people worked up is that those who aren’t well informed think that The Da Vinci Code is truth…when really, Dan Brown just made it up. And sure, it’s a cool story, but now it’s a movie starring Tom Hanks and that should kill any interest soon enough. ; )

    Love you!

  2. yeah i read it this past week, and it was a good story with a lot of little riddles that i did enjoy. the whole catholic secret society thing was interesting, and so was that other society that started with an M that was a big deal, lol. i can see why the catholics are pissed. but when it suggested that there were like 80 books of the bible (gospels or whatever) to choose from, and they chose these four for whatever reason. and that Jesus wasnt really considered the son of God until later, when constantine declared christianity the official religion of the land. i remember it sayin that somewhere, i just dont feel like lookin. and it also bothered me when the dude was like… “the bible was made by man…not by God. blahdeeblah” which is technically true, the pen was held by man. but the bible was God speaking through these men. But like, Jesus wasnt married. Theres a point in the Bible where Peter and Paul are arguing about if its ok for them to take on a wife and whatnot. They are arguing and everything, and this is after Jesus already died. If Jesus was married himself, wouldnt Paul (i think he was the one who wanted to marry, and Peter was all against it) would use Jesus as an example?? like, yo Jesus had a wife, why are you even arguing Pete? thats just my 2 cents. πŸ˜‰ more like 7 cents! haha.

    lol, i heard it sucked. everyone i know that saw it said that TOM HANKS WASNT GOOD!!! isnt that insane? hes like the best actor ever and he wasnt good?? lol, its probably because he knew he wasnt “dashing enough” as you said before. hahaha.

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