they found my wallet in macaroni grill. how silly do i feel? IM SO HAPPY THOUGH!!! no one stole my identity!

im officially finished with this semester. WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so excited for this summer!! 🙂


i really really want to meet a boy. aw man.  im going to get in to shape too… this will be exciting. i have already decided that im not going to get my hair done until right before next semester starts. then my hair will look good when i start my pursuit of TBU. lol. jk. we will see, eh? no really. im getting my hair done. i say this every year though, and i havent done it yet.

i feel like this summer is going to go by fast, because there is going to be so much to do. plus im taking classes, which i hope will make me feel productive.

so im watching real world right now and i think jose is hot. i just think that im in the mood for a spanish boy. kinda like when you go to the mall to shop, and you keep picking out things that are the same color? just because you really have a taste for that color at that particular time? or like, collared shirts, or pointy shoes or something? yeah. well… im going shopping for a spanish boy. or a light eyed extra beautiful boy. but i feel like the light eyed boys will be too expensive… totally out of my budget.

aw man.

maybe i should start packing. eeeeeh.

this time tomorrow, i will be at hOOOOOOOOOOOme.


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