Girls Night

Hello. last night was girls night. it was good, besides the fact that we were so tired by like… 11:30. hahaha. thats what shopping for 4 hours will do to ya i guess.

 I never commented that LOST WAS AMAZING ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. is it weird that i still love michael, and kind of hopes he kills more people? lol. im a terd. but really, what is the DEAL?!?!?!

Today I need to study. I got an 83 on my cognitive psych test… which is good…. considering i taught myself 3 chapters (apx 200 pages) in a few hours. so basically, i gotta do well on this final, and im fine! God is good, man.

Also, today, i MUST say something to the boy upstairs! He works at the gym today… and I go to the gym on fridays….(except for last friday… i know he missed me!) I dont know what to say. BUT I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING. lol. im a dork.

Today Im goin to the phillies game! whoo hoo! ive never been to a phillies game, so im quite excited! kind of. I hope I dont get bored. hm.



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