well. i loooooooove the boy upstairs. ok. me and nesto were out playin tenis, ya know, and eventually they came over and played bball. hes good! i love athletic boys. i love cute athletic boys. oh heck, i just love him. lol. next semester is OUR semester. lol. don wont be wandering around, wanting to "hang out" all the time.

speaking of don, hes drunk or pretending to be drunk or something and wants to hang out in a few minutes. jeeeeeeez. so tonight i think im just gonna have to stop bein polite, and start getting real. (to quote cheezy MTV) honestly, im tired of this crap. i do wish we could just be friends, but i know its just not possible. we are going to have to let this go, and i am fine with that.

 anyways, i am EXHAUSTED because me and nesto played like 3 hours of tennis.



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