Last Night…

Was great!!  There was ACTUALLY movement on this campus!! There was a block party type thing, with food and music and basketball and football and games and stuff. Pretty much everyone who lived in the dorms, was outside! It was awesome. I stayed out there for a while, shooting around with Jean and Tonya, and I almost won the first free-throw competition. Then I jumproped. lol. Then carl came out and he taught me how to punt a football. It was helpful.

OH! guess who was out there?? cute boy! it was exciting. except for, he left to play football with some people… but that was ok because I played football with kimmie K, arlene, liz, some girl from my spanish class, and ben. I made a touchdown and did a dance. Then I came back, and me and d and carl watched saw II. It was scary, but good. Ok, it wasnt really SCARY, as much as it was disturbing.

 Im not sure if I want to go home tonight, or tomorrow.


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