Good Mornin!!

Well, last night's girls night was really good last night! We watched the first 2 hours of King Kong, and reinacted some scenes.  If I could figure out how to get the pictures off of danielles camera on to my computer, I would post them.

I was T-Rex 

Danielle was anna

and nire was KONG!

It was sweet. Then we went outside and played volleyball with carl james and manny. We played a few games and then me and D played while carl, his roomate and manny made penises out of the sand, and nire thawed out her feet. lol. it was pretty funny though.

We never watched the rest of the movie, which im glad for because I was crying every time KONG did something nice for Ann. Its just so sad.

I think girls night was really good last night because we were all in good spirits, and just… nice. everyone was nice. lol. it was nice.

Tonight, we may watch Saw II. whoo hoo! um what else. OH I got a job as an Owl Ambassador! Basically I give tours and talk about the campus and stuff. Im quite excited about it, because it seems easy and doesnt pay horribly. whoo hoo. maybe I can even get a second job, depending on the hours I get over the summer! 😉 sweeeeeeet.


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