Little Bunny Foo-Foo, hoppin through the forest…

I think I want to write a book.

I dont know what it will be about, but I feel like I should write a book.  This should be interesting seeing as Im not a wonderful writer… I mean, im not a horrible writer, I dont know.

Any ideas on what I should write about?

It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day outside. It actually reminds me a lot of camp. There are things about summer that I really miss. I miss Tahsza and Mandy. I miss playing Eric one on one basketball. Camp Olympics, days off in the honesdale library. I miss dressing up for the socials. I miss making fun of Ranger Rick. Most of all, I miss my girls!!! They certainly were a handful, but they are sweet. I pray that God touches each and every one of their hearts, because they have so much to offer.

Dave Cherian got in touch with me the other day. We were good friends in high school… we met in chanticleers (the high school super select choir. more select than the select choir… lol) and he was a sweetheart. hes sensitive, like ryan… but hes not dramatic. I thought he was gay when I first met him, but hes not. Anyways, its been a while since weve talked, and so we are going to lunch on saturday. Im excited!! Because its been so long! We have to catch up!!!

Anyways, I think thats all for now. Also, I have decided not to talk to Don about what I wanted to talk to him about.  For once, Im gonna let HIM bring something up… ya know? And Im aware that he probably wont ever bring it up, which isnt my problem. Im ok, and thats all that matters right now… its just so hard for me to stop being so concerned about how he feels, because thats what ive been doing for so long. Its hard, but its possible, and I feel like Im doin pretty well!! I really do.

Anyways, Pray for Nire today you random blog reader people…. she has an interview today, and really wants (and needs) this job. God bless!!

I cant wait until this summer… Its just on the horizon.


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