Happy Easter!

Easter is my favorite holiday. Church was sweet. There were thousands of people at the service… (im not kidding. the sanctuary seats 2000, and there were people sitting in the aisles and on the floor in the back) The sermon was about doubting Thomas, and how everyones like him and such and such. It was cool. Many people were saved today, it was awesome.
So im pretty much done thinking.
Im done playing games, because i have figured out that i cant handle it when i lose, and i cant handle it when i win. figures, right?
once again, I just need to give it to God. I was fine until I started trying to deal with it myself. Now Im just… dumb.
So here you go God. I dont know what exactly it is that you want for me, but I certainly know that its not him… or at least its not him in this decade… ha.
im fine. anyways… i have figured out that since danielle just turned 21, this means im probably going to be spending the remainder of the semester by myself.
Im ok.
Nire proposed an interesting idea to me today… I wish I were more responsible! Who knows though, maybe next summer/fall she will need a roomie, hopefully I will have money saved up, and we ALL KNOW how much I want to live in NYC!!! Maybe Ill get a job up there…who knows!
Its God's will!! 😉


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