Bad Friday

i am sad. i feel like im all by myself. and this is not just brought on because of the whole donnie thing. i spend a lot of my day by myself and i think that it's really getting to me. i feel like i cant go anywhere. im just sad. I also have a feeling that when i have to drive back with him, I will tell him how i feel. How mad I was.  Everything that he left unresolved, on PURPOSE. How he yo-yos me around, and was completely selfish in all of his decisions and how even though a part of me still loves him, there is no way in hell I would put myself in another situation where he can and will break me again. How he just wants to make himself feel better by telling himself that he just wants whats best for me. Im going to remind him how he put the whole break-up on me when it was HE who couldnt forgive. It was HE who lead me to believe that everything was fine and dandy while he flirted with everyone else. How that absolutely disgusts me. How Im not going to wait for him. How hes selfish for even thinking that there was a possibility for us. How he has no balls.


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