Bein Healthy

Um. So me and danielle made up this rule not to eat after 9pm and it is slowly, but surely, killing me. I just keep saying to myself what Oprah said. Late at night, when your stomach grumbles thats all the weight you lost that day. If you satisfy that hunger at night, you basically just ate your way back to what you were. I guess thats a good way of looking at it, eh? Im still hungry though. Boo. Today I had a nice moment though.
I went to the gym tonight and I got on the scale… and guess what it said.
I was so shocked, I was convinced it couldnt be right.
I started 2 weeks ago at 154lbs.
Maybe it was because i was wearing lighter pants. but they werent pounds and pounds lighter.
Ill check again tomorrow…
The boy upstairs certainly is a motivator!!!
Anyways, my goal is around 140… but im sure once i get there, Ill want to lose more. Whatever, as long as Im being healthy, I can lose as much as I want!!

P.S. GIRLS NIGHT TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It feels like Christmas Eve to me.


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