My 50,000th Blog

I have no idea why I am obsessed with blogs. What is odd is that I write about different things in each blog! Usually people write the same thing over and over again, well not me! I started this one because too many people read my other ones. Not that I would mind if a few of my friends read this one, but I think Ill keep it on the dl for now. However, if you are a random person who came across this please feel free to comment!!
Im having what some would consider a hard time. Me and my boyfriend of almost 3 years (off and on) broke up last week, and he still wants to be friends. Its hard on me, knowing that he wants to screw around with someone else, and still keep me around bc he knows Im the only one who can really make him laugh. Is that fair to me? No, I dont think it is fair. But, what am I supposed to do? Not be friends with him? I just cant do that, I cant. Although this seems like an "I want him, but he doesnt want me" kind of situation, its not like that. If he came to me today, wanting to work things out and everything I would absolutely hands down say no. I dont deserve to be treated the way that he treated me. I didnt deserve to put up with his wandering eye, his shady text messages to other girls that he didnt feel the need to explain to me. I didnt deserve to be yelled at for dumb things. I want him to want me back. And I want to say no. I guess I just want control of the situation.
I knew it was ending anyway, with him going in to the airforce and everything. Im not a long-distance girl. I kind of sort of tried that before and that ended in disaster. I fell in love, and he basically broke up with me to be with a 15 or 16 year old girl. Shes pretty, but the point is, is that shes a GIRL. Im kind of not over it though, just because he said that we would still be friends, and hasnt talked to me in forever. But the point is, is that Im single. And of course Im looking, because thats just the way I am. I dont like to be alone, I just want true love.
     So R.I.P. Don and Jess. You were college lovebirds and it was pretty good and fun while it lasted.



One Response to “My 50,000th Blog”

  1. May you find and always have to hold the One who will be your companion, lover, and best friend, and be mature enough not to chase after little girls who will grow up to realise that the guy they thought they “loved” at 15 or 16 is an overgrown immature boy not a man, and is not what they would love when they eventually become developed WOMEN. And they will.

    Enough said, I think you understand me. Pity the ittle girl who has a grown man messing with her body and mind who wants her because she is unshaped and unformed and won’t hassle him over his nonsense.

    Wishing you all the best in the world 🙂


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